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Impulse Pittsburgh [Oct. 16th, 2010|04:59 pm]
Pittsburgh Lesbians
Hey guys! A group of girls in Pittsburgh are starting a monthly girls party for the city. Our first event is taking place in January, so get ready to take on the Burgh with pumping music, drink specials, and raffle giveaways.

We hope to welcome a diverse LGBT crowd at our first event! We realized there weren't a lot of places for lesbians to gather and have a good time-- many of the bars were taken over by the boys, leaving us with few options. We're here to take back the 'burgh with a jam-packed party where we can have fun and connect with beautiful people.

From now till January, we ask for your help: tell your friends and share our link on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/impulsepittsburgh). Let's make it happen- and take the 'burgh back for the girls!

Follow our Facebook http://www.facebook.com/impulsepittsburgh where we'll share our progress and keep you up to date with the details.

For Twitter Updates, follow @ImpulsePgh

All inquiries can be directed to impulsepittsburgh@gmail.com