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Dyke Salute [Aug. 24th, 2006|09:24 am]
Pittsburgh Lesbians


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An e-mail written on one of teh email groups I belong to. I think this is a great Idea, personally. Especially here in Pittsburgh, where it seems like those who are not a part of the community tend to stay on their own.

So. I've been thinking. You know how when motorcycle riders pass one another, they give each other a little discreet, low wave as a sign of solidarity? Well, I've been thinking that we need one for dykes. A dyke salute, let's say. So, when you see dykes-in-the-wild, you give them the signal as a sign of solidarity, and maybe we'll even get to know one another better that way. What you say?

So, I brainstormed with some friends, tried out various hand gestures, and the one that worked was the backwards/sideways three-fingered Girl Scout salute. I love it. I'm using it. I've been passing it on. You should, too. I think it could be huge, city-wide, then country-wide, then internation, and then we take over the world!

I'm attaching some pictures of the Dyke Salute in action. Pass it on.